Mobile Applications

We all have a smartphone now, and more often than not, more than one. These last years have seen a major turn to the mobile, that are no more a mobile phone. They are highly capable computers that serve us as calendars, clocks, agendas, social media tools, cameras, internet browsers, email clients, navigation devices, and occasionaly serve us as phones…the possibilities for these multi-devices that we carry, are endless.

There is no question any more, that if a company wants to enhance its digital presence and increase its market share, it needs to move towards mobile development. It is not a matter of if, but how soon it needs to be done.

Mobile presence, through dedicated website, e-shop or application, gives to a company the tools it needs in order to access its potential customers anywhere, anytime.

Lets talk about

- iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Mobile applications of corporate presence.

- iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Mobile applications with dynamic content, from the corporate database.

- Augmented Reality applications – Really impressive way to reach your audience.

- Stand Alone promotional mobile applications (e.g. Recipes with your company’s products)

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